Our Menu Got a Spring Makeover

Reward yourself for all that spring cleaning with our new seasonal menu items! As we settle into warmer weather, our kitchen staff is thrilled to start incorporating spring and summer produce into our dishes.

New to the lunch and dinner line-up:

Our parmesan and ricotta dumpling (below) served with Cipollini, fava bean, asparagus, bacon and a soft cooked egg.


A marinated strawberry salad (below), a mix of Levity Farms mixed greens, almond, ricotta salata and radish, topped with sherry vinaigrette.

Strawberry Salad

For dessert, we gave a makeover to a fan favorite, now offering a carrot cheesecake (below) with ginger snap crumb, walnut mascarpone whip and carrot gel.


PC: @leah70 on Instagram

To stay up to date on new offerings, be sure to follow along on social to for sneak peeks of our new menu items and details on upcoming events!


One thought on “Our Menu Got a Spring Makeover

  1. Donna and Dan Amick says:

    Sure sounds good, wish we were there to enjoy!! So glad you have made such a success of FSE!!!!! Love you all, Donna and Dan

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