Your Perfect Summer Cheese Plate

Nothing compliments your summer sips better than a cheese and charcuterie plate stocked with the season’s best. At Foundation Social Eatery, we take our cheese plates very seriously – carefully curating selections that are guaranteed to pair well with our assortment of wines, cocktails and craft beer. Check out our tips to building the perfect platter and be sure to stop by the restaurant to try our plates for yourself.

Cheese arrow 2

When selecting cheeses, we recommend targeting several different styles. Combine a variety of textures – think: firm, soft, creamy or crumbly – to keep things interesting. Our offerings are constantly changing but we’re currently serving:

  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Uplands Cheese, North Dodgeville, WI – an alpine-style summer cheese that boasts rich and hearty flavors, with complex layers of caramel and nuts and tart fruitiness
  • Rouge, La Bonne Vie, Atlanta, GA – a washed-rind cheese made according to French tradition that is at first buttery and luscious, but as it ages becomes spicy and complex
  • Brillat Savarin, France – triple cream dessert cheese that is dense and moist in texture, with hints of butter, mushrooms, nuts and truffles
  • Bonne Bouche, Vermont Creamery, Websterville, VT – an ash-ripened goat cheese with notes of citrus

Meat arrow

Next up: meats. It’s important to not only target a variety of cuts and cures for textural intrigue, but to also keep flavor profiles in mind and how they will pair with your cheese. FSE is currently slicing:

  • Proscuitto di Parma, Parma, Italy – a dry-cured ham that is served thinly sliced. Pairs well with our Bonne Bouche cheese
  • Soppressata, USA – an Italian dry cured pork salami with a coarser grind than the traditional method. Pairs well with our Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese
  • La Quercia ‘Nduja Americana, Niman Ranch, Alameda, CA – a spicy and rich prosciutto spread packed with umami flavor
  • FSE Pate, Atlanta, GA – a spreadable minced mixture of cooked ground meat and fat that adds a decadent touch to any platter. Made fresh in house

Breads photo

When preparing a cheese and meat plate, it is essential to include bread, crackers or another carb-based option. Acting as the vehicle for your charcuterie, it’s best to choose a milder bread to avoid overpowering the other flavors at work. Our homemade country loaf toasts are the perfect base for all the elements on your plate.

Sides arrow 2

Last but certainly not least are the finishing touches that will elevate your spread: accoutrements. Whether you go for a tangy jam, tart fruit slices or an assortment of pickled produce, your guests will thank you for adding a few pops of flavor to break up the rich tastes of the meat and cheese. At FSE, all of our charcuterie plates are served with house-made pickles, FSE mostarda and an herb salad.


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