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Foundation Social Eatery Launches New Seasonal Menu

Foundation Social Eatery New BlogOver the past month or so, you may have tried specials such as the vanilla crème fraiche panna cotta or chilled lump crab salad. Well, that was a taste of our summer menu that officially launches today! While some of our favorite items such as the seasonal mushroom ravioli and crisp Spanish octopus are still featured, there are several new items for you to taste and fall in love with.

On the dinner menu, Border Springs Farms lamb meatballs, puree of spinach soup, local zucchini and ricotta tortellini, Tuscan white bean bruschetta and more have been added to the beginnings. For main plates, try the Arctic char, Beeler’s Farms pork porchetta or hand-cut linguini. End your meal with sweet treats that include the panna cotta, as well as blueberry bread pudding, white chocolate-lychee mousse and more.

The lunch menu also underwent a revamp with new menu items that include a crispy chicken sandwich, hot “Italian” melt, east coast flounder, etc.

As for our drink menu, two new drinks have been added to our strong pours including “Top Drawer” featuring Double Cross vodka and “Lion’s Roar” with Highwest Double rye. For wine lovers, there are new reds and whites that perfectly complement the cuisine.

Featuring fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, the summer menu highlights chef Mel’s knack for layering flavors. Visit the website to view the entire menu.

The new menu is the perfect excuse to make your next reservation. Click here to reserve your table today!

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Developing the Menu

This week I’m working on the development of the menu. This is really exciting because my mind is finally where it should be; on food, as opposed to building and contractor woes.  So, I’m getting back to this thoughtful process.  What a relief. I have to say, this is one of the most challenging menus I’ve had to write, mostly because I’ve not worked in this particular neighborhood. I want my menu to be approachable, yet not compromise who and what I am, as a chef. This is truly starting from scratch!

Writing a menu entails many factors. First and foremost, the seasons serve as the driving source of inspiration. What is good right now? Winter calls for warm and rich dishes, and a sense of comfort. Secondly, I contemplate the techniques I use during the seasons. For instance, slow braised meats are great during the winter, hearty and satisfying. Finally, there’s the execution of these dishes. It’s all about execution and consistency. During any given dinner service, a cook is going to make a dish 15-20 times. It is important to ensure that it is the same quality every time. I ask myself, “How do I produce a dish over and over, efficiently, consistently, and in a timely manner so that every guest gets the same quality every time?” I plan processes for my cooks that reduce the occurrences of any mistakes in preparing the dish. I try to balance it all. The kid’s menu is still a work in progress…my idea is to offer kids something nutritious and well balanced. We will stay away from the common fried or processed food you usually see on kid’s menus. I want their dishes to stand up to the quality of food their parent is getting.

Yesterday, my wife and co owner of FSE asked, “Where’s the test kitchen?” Well, it’s still under construction. Not having a professional kitchen to work in is difficult. I can’t just do this in my home kitchen. I don’t have the tools I need to produce this quality of food.  I expect to have the week before opening to produce, taste, and finalize the recipes. As of now, it’s all in theory. But with my experience, I should be pretty close to the final product, with some minor tweaking.

We will open initially with dinner only for several weeks, until we get our feet under us. Then we will add on lunch service. The lunch menu will differ in the sense that there will be sandwich heavy offerings and lighter fare. It’s also imperative that it can be executed quickly, for those who have limited time on lunch breaks from work. When is opening day, you ask? I can’t give you a firm date yet, as our build out of the restaurant has hit some significant delays in permitting, construction, and so forth. But stay tuned to the blog and keep following us on Facebook to be in the know. We can’t wait to open our doors and see you here!


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What to Expect

I like to describe my food as “rustic new American”.  Our take on food involves the best ingredients available in the moment and a passion for executing classical techniques. Our menu at FSE challenges the idea that quality, well-executed food must be costly. If you’re truly developing your menu seasonally, food should be affordable because you showcase great agricultural products precisely when they are the most abundant. The best tomatoes come in late summer, and it’s also when they’re most affordable.
The menu combines French and Italian Influences with Local Southern Ingredients to create a seasonally driven, honest menu. We have already partnered with several local farmers to bring the freshest local ingredients. FSE will be a scratch kitchen. You will find house made breads, sausages, hand crafted pastas, fresh fish and meat entrees (some roasted in our wood fired oven), diverse sides, and house made desserts. And yes, the menu will be changing seasonally at the least. In addition, my wife and I have a toddler, so we realize the need for a children’s menu, and hope to please their palates as much as yours.

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